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Etizolam and 3-FPM product updates

As many researchers have noted, a large number of vendors have withdrawn etizolam from

sale. When my current stocks expire (Etizest is now sold out), etizolam 1+2mg generic pellets

and the Etilaam blister packs will be discontinued. A couple of broadly similar products will be

available in the near future, and in light of this I have no current plans to retail


3'-fluorophenmetrazine / 3-FPM is now available.

Methoxphenidine (MXP) powder on sale

Methoxphenidine will be available for purchase from Friday 29 August.



Methiopropamine (MPA) crystals

The crystallized version of methiopropamine (MPA) is now available.

The CNDs THJ-2201, THJ-018 and 5F-AKB-48 are now available for purchase.

 Flubromazepam is also in stock.


Diphenidine on sale

Diphenidine is now on sale, a potential area of interest for researchers affected by government legislation controlling MXE and similar reagents.


I have continued to make changes on the product pages to ensure clarity in respect to the full volumes of stock available from TKKChems. Perhaps understandably, some people, for example, felt that I only supplied, say, maximum orders of 100 pyrazolam pellets. This is most definitely not the case, and I have started to update the respective product pages so that the volumes (and prices for these) more accurately reflect the stock levels on offer.


MDAI sold out / bk-2CB / N-methyl-2AI

The batch of MDAI has finally sold out, and there will be no replacement synth in the near future. N-methyl-2AI is now available to fill the gap, until such a time as MDAI production quotes approach the reasonable level again.


Another new product on the list is bk-2CB, which may be of particular interest to those researchers whose lab facilities are within jurisdictions that control α-Methyltryptamine licenses.


TKKChems recently celebrated (albeit discreetly) its second anniversary, and I would like to thank all researchers who've helpedto keep this a viable operation.



APB TCDO / Etilaam supply issues

As most researchers will be aware, the latest Temporary Class Drug Order came into effect on 10 June, temporarily placing 25I-NBOMe and a defined group of APB-like substances (including 5-APB, 6-APB, 5-MAPB and 6-MAPB) under the aegis of the Misuse of Drugs Act,1971. Consequently, these substances will no longer be on sale and it's difficult not to see them being banned permanently at the end of the 12-month period. For those disappointed at missing out on 6-MAPB it was not, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of research opportunities some researchers claimed.


As the announcement was made only six days before the TCDO came into effect (setting an unwelcome precedent) it was an extremely busy time, so apologies if responses were slower than usual during this time. Sorry to disappoint those researcbers expecting a firesale, and no offence was caused by those who enquired about discounts, but I have sufficient reliable outlets not to resort to panic measures.


Etilaam supplies have been affected by customs impoundation for quite some time, although I had managed to obtain a regular enough supply until recently. As a consequence, generic etizolam 1mg and 2mg pellets will be available from next week as the Etilaam will almost certainly sell out before a new delivery is received. The early batches of generic etizolams were poorly made, often crumbling after a couple of weeks, and thus acquired a dubious reputation in the eyes of many researchers. This has not been helped by other vendors continuing to offer etizolam of disreputable quality (for example, the "0.7mg" pellet that was doing the rounds quite recently), but I have obtained the best available generics at the moment, and pricing for 1mg and 2mg etizolams will be given early next week. I will, of course, continue to make efforts to source Etilaam, but have no plans to sell etizolam powder.


Looking on the brighter side, additions to the product range will be made over the next 2-4 weeks.

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